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I wish I had someone to talk to

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you slept in my house last night,
yet you haven’t said five words to me
this month.

i keep asking myself what
i did so wrong,
because i’ve seen you
mad but i’ve never once
seen you silent.


it has been exactly three hundred
and sixty-five days
since i realized i was in love
with you.

and i am trying to live a life
without regrets, but
when i look in your eyes, all i see
is the best friend
that i lost.


the last time you slept in my
bed, i woke up with your lips
on the back of my neck; and
even though i knew i was going
to break up with you,
your arms wrapped around me
still felt a little bit like home.


tomorrow, i think,
i am going to delete your number
from my phone.

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Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance

No trust in this friendship

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